Manually Updating or Creating ClamAV Virus Definitions in Zimbra 8.7

In order to manually update Clamav database, we need to switch to Zimbra user and initiate below commands. This will update clamav databases or even create them from scratch if the databases are deleted:

root@zimbra-server:/opt/zimbra# su – zimbra
zimbra@zimbra-server:~$ freshclam –config-file=/opt/zimbra/conf/freshclam.conf
ClamAV update process started at Thu May 25 09:56:50 2017
nonblock_connect: connect timing out (30 secs)
Can’t connect to port 80 of host (IP:
Trying host (…
Downloading main.cvd [100%]
main.cvd updated (version: 57, sigs: 4218790, f-level: 60, builder: amishhammer)
Downloading daily.cvd [100%]
daily.cvd updated (version: 23415, sigs: 2078417, f-level: 63, builder: neo)
Downloading bytecode.cvd [100%]
bytecode.cvd updated (version: 301, sigs: 58, f-level: 63, builder: anvilleg)
Database updated (6297265 signatures) from (IP:
Clamd successfully notified about the update.

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