Scanning Zimbra Mailboxes with Clamav

These days Ransomwares are so common, we need to be safe and keep our Zimbra user accounts safe as well. Below is one of the practice to manually scan mailboxes.

To Scan Zimbra Mailboxes and moved infected files to any other location we can use below commands. But its always a good practice to keep the detailed info so that in case of any critical file removal, we can revert that back on the place:

root@zimbra:/root# clamscan -r -i –log=output-jan-25-2017 –move=/home/myvirus-collection/viruses-jan-25-2017/ /opt/zimbra/store/

Command Syntax:

-r recursively

-i infected files

–log the name of the file which will keep output of the clamscan

–move move all infected file to the given location


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